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Lake Powell Video Gallery

These videos showcase Lake Powell's dramatic views, as well as the unique experience of a houseboat vacation. The spacious and modern accommodations put you in a position to go water skiing, tubing, hiking and exploring above and beyond anything an average boat can accomplish.

Explore Padre Bay With Us

Come along for the adventure as our home-movie family leaves the houseboat at anchor, and goes exploring the hidden canyons of Padre Bay aboard a Lake Powell powerboat. This three-minute video gives you a feel for the kinds of things you will enjoy when you visit, such as the towering majesty of Gunsight Butte, the fun of swimming the pristine waters, and the thrill of exploring twisting canyons by boat.

OLD DOG WATERSKI - Lake Powell Houseboating

Join Jeffrey Lehmann and family on their houseboating adventure on Lake Powell. The Old Dogs of the family, Uncle Bo, Cousin Jim, and Jeffrey escape the kids and significant others to go waterskiing... with mixed results!

BIG BOYS PLAY - Lake Powell Houseboating

Join Jeffrey Lehmann on his houseboating adventure on Lake Powell. After settling in to his houseboat, he goes wakeboarding with some of the local hot shots.

Come Along for the Ride - and the Fun!

Ever wonder what it would be like to rent, pilot, and explore Lake Powell with your own houseboat? Find out in this three-minute home movie, in which one family learns how easy it is to get starte and then have fun fishing, exploring the awesome Sand King dune, splashing from the houseboats water slide, and relaxing in the on-board hot tub.

Nonstop fun on your Lake Powell houseboat.

Share the excitement in this three-minute home movie, which will give you a taste of all the fun things you can do when you rent a houseboat at Lake Powell. There’s the thrill of tubing or wakeboarding behind a powerboat, making a splash on a personal watercraft, firing up a barbecue on the houseboat’s grill, and relaxing in the houseboat hot tub. Even when it rains, it’s fun to enjoy the solitude with family and friends aboard your cozy Lake Powell houseboat. 

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