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About Lake Powell

For hundreds of thousands of years the Colorado River roared through Glen Canyon carving a tremendous canyon through the sandstone. In 1963 the Glen Canyon dam was completed and impounded the Colorado, turning the wild beauty of Glen Canyon into popular Lake Powell -- a vast body of deep blue water contained within orange-red cliff walls.

Lake Powell offers excellent opportunities for houseboat vacations, fishing, and in summer when water temperatures climb to a comfortable 70-80 degrees, swimming and water skiing. Lake Powell has a myriad of side canyons that narrow to just a boat width as they twist away from the main channel and make for fascinating exploration. Many visitors are content to just cruise its waters by houseboat and spend nights on its beaches under the stars. Hiking from the lake into the very rugged environs of Glen Canyon Recreation Area is an option for the adventurous.

The lake covers a large area in south central Utah. Its 1,960 miles of shoreline (more than the United States' entire west coast) stretch 180 miles northeast from the Utah/Arizona border. Three highways provide access at four different points. At each access point is a marina.

Lake Powell Map

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